Adult PerformersMuch of the adult video being shoot currently now involves some form of dialogue to set things in motion before the the actual sex begins. You will need to have the ability to memorize and convincingly deliver at least a few of lines of dialogue. You will most likely have to discover how to walk into a set and place yourself over a tape mark on the floor, marking where you’re supposed to be without obviously looking at the ground. You may be required to have sex for lengthy periods in unusual positions and sometimes on surfaces that are, to say the least, uncomfortable, occasionally while wearing special-effects costumes or makeup, body paint, wigs, or even a ridiculous hat. Female performers may be required to move gracefully while wearing often ill-fitting six inch stiletto heals, sometimes over rough, uneven surfaces. Being able to pretend you’re not freezing in a skimpy a outfit or sweltering in five layers of wardrobe are also skills you may need to acquire. In the event that something goes awry with lights, the camera, or perhaps one of the other adult video performers a shoot may take much longer than the run time of the final product. You may be asked to repeat the same sex scene over again, more then once, to allow for stills and different camera angles, or both. Frequent stops and starts are not unusual depending on the type of scene being shot and the demands of the producer.

Erotic PerformersDo you still want to be an adult video performer now that you’ve found out very few of us are millionaires and that it often requires a great deal of actual work? If so you’re not alone. Although the work is often physically and mentally demanding the constantly changing nature of the job can be extremely fun.

Most well known adult performers have, at the very least, done one interview talking about how they ended up in the adult (porn) industry or obtained their first paid engagement. Lots of them post the contact information for their production company, agent, or agency in their Twitter feed. There are a handful of accredited adult industry agencies and most of which can be found listed on the LATATA website. Individual agencies typically have a contact page or model application page intended for potential new talent. Some of the gay male-oriented companies also have these model application pages.

Adult Video PerformersIf you’re reading this, I think it’s can safe to assume you have internet access. Put it to use and do some research. If you can’t figure out how it works from here, you’ll probably be those annoying individuals who can’t be relied upon to show up time with the proper paperwork, is incapable of remembering lines, and somehow manages to lose much of their wardrobe during a break. Personally, I have zero interest in metaphorically holding the hand of someone who’s very likely to make everyone else’s work harder than it needs to be. So, consider everything you’ve read here, think about it, and then go ahead and have some fun in the adult film industry. Or don’t have fun, I’m sure there’s at the very least some market for that also.

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