Be an Adult Video PerformerRemember nobody has the right to can force you to engage in any form of sexual activity that you do not want, or to perform with a partner or partners you don’t wish to have sex with. Avoid working for any adult production company that suggests otherwise. With VOY Productions you’re always encouraged to speak up if you don’t find the situation acceptable. The types of shoots you choose to accept is entirely up to you, regardless of what directors, producers, or your fellow adult video performers may say. Should you decide you only want to work with ten people or even just one, it’s your right to set that condition. Also you are able to set your rates to whatever amount you consider appropriate for the acts your being asked to perform. You can choose to only perform in soft-core romantic same sex scenes (e.g. girl on girl) or to refuse shoots involving less then ten or more partners. It is up to you to decide what you are actually willing to do and how far outside your own comfort zone you are willing to push in order to get more adult video work. In most cases adult video producers prefer performers who enjoy doing the sex scenes they are involved in and like the people they are working with. Generally this is not done for moral reasons, but mostly because performers that are truly into the work are far more likely to produce a better and consequently more profitable adult content.

Adult PerformerThat having been said, the higher your rates and the more boundaries, limitations and conditions you place on your work, the less frequently you are likely to work. Consider continuing in your regular day job for a while. Bank your cheques rather then spending them or worse blowing them up your nose. With a reserve of cash safely installed in the bank or a secondary income, you’ll be far less likely to be tempted into doing scenes that you may afterwards come regret purely because you needed the money. Be sure you have up-to-date vaccinations safeguarding you against HPV and hepatitis. You should also probably ask your doctor, while you’re there, for a tetanus booster as well. While the adult industry works hard to manage the risk of STD transmission through testing, barriers, or a combination of both, there will always is still be some risk of infection. There is no such thing as one hundred percent, completely safe, intercourse. This risk is yet something else you should come to terms with before entering the adult industry as an adult video performer.

Adult PerformersEven if performing in adult video is just an occasional side job for you, remember that it is often hard work. You will be expected to show upon time, showered and appropriately groomed with a valid STD test and at least one piece of photo ID. A major production, can span weeks, with lots of ten and twelve hour days. Remember, what little sleep you manage during one of these shoots, you can be sure the producers and crew will almost certainly have had even less. Showing up late, or not showing up at all, holds everyone on set even longer than necessary and can cost the company you’re working for a great deal of money, time and frustration.

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