Adult Video PerformerIf that’s the question you’re asking then you’ve come to the right place. The first step to becoming an adult performer, or possibly even a “porn star”, is to decide exactly what kind of porn you want to do. You see, porn rarely resembles the way its portrayed on TV and in the media. It’s no longer all busty blonds, super macho studs with massive schlongs, and horny nurses. Unfortunately we do still have Hollywood swimming pool shoots. It’s also not just people who are accepting of different body types and/or sexual orientations and who strive to be as ethical as possible. Nor is it all Hollywood style high-gloss feature films, gang bangs, extreme BDSM scenes, or content made by allegedly amateur models. At one time I believed working in the porn industry would be something like John Stagliano’s adult film, The Fashionistas. The Fashionistas portrays a very different form of adult film than VOY Productions produces and initially I was quite baffled by the differences. If, in your head, you have a clear idea of the type of adult films you want to be involved in, examine it, and figure out exactly what excites or inspires you. Utilize it to get a better notion of your own motivations and the degree of involvement you want to have within the adult industry.

Adult Video PerformersOnce you have decided what types of shoots you want to do and what type of adult video performer you aspire to be, I’d strongly recommend pausing, for a minute or two, and rethinking your decision, before going ahead and actually doing it. Especially if you are simply doing it simply to make some quick cash, to live out a specific fantasy, or just have a crazy wild adventure, stop and consider whether the adult industry is the right choice for you. Barring the whole of civilization as we know it collapsing, any naughty or pornographic video or images you’re likely to create will remain permanently available on the internet in some form or another. Decide whether the chance to have sex with that one particular performer or to have that professionally videoed gang bang is worth the likely-hood that every single person you know now or ever will know in the future will see it. Your mum and dad will find out. Your employers, current and future, may discover it. Your friends, your acquaintances, as well as your romantic and sexual partners will find out. Just call this Murphy’s Law, anyone you don’t want to find out about it probably will. If you’re not OK with this, and able to come to terms with it, you should probably not choose to work as an adult video performer.

Adult Video PerformersIf your ambition is to become a full blown “porn star”, in the hopes to one day achieving the the level of fame, notoriety, and financial success shared by the likes of the like of Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, or Jesse Jan, be prepare for a reality check. Very few adult video performers achieve that level of fame, popularity, recognition or long-term financial success. Stardom in the adult industry is rarely guaranteed, even for the those adult video performers who seemingly have all the right boxes checked. Fame and fortune will not likely rain down on you when you first show up at the studio with a willingness to take your clothes off no matter how gorgeous or desirable you may be. Despite persistent rumors of teenage mothers make huge dollars on the side working in the adult industry, no adult video performer gets paid six figures for a movie.

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